Angel tattoo designs are perhaps the most popular body art seen on many types of people.  Women mainly have these tattoos, although there are a number of designs that appeal to men as well.  Many different people have various reasons for getting an angel tattoo and the meaning will always reflect the personal feelings of an individual who chooses this type of body art.

What the Angel Symbolizes

One reason why angel tattoo art is so popular is because angels are spiritual beings that represent innocence, goodness, and purity. The long, flowing white robes and wings symbolize the openness of angels.  Many individuals choose traditional tattoo designs of angels as a way to show that they’re attempting to lead a good and noble life, and the angel, of course, is what they’re aspiring to be like in both their spiritual and personal lives.  211 angel number

Sometimes, an angel tattoo design is surrounded by other symbols in order to represent a particular story or image.  The meaning of such a tattoo will depend on what each individual design reflects. Every element will have its own special meaning to the individual and the whole design overall will create a certain image that’s both personal and unique to the person with the tattoo.  Not all angels tattoo designs will have personal meanings, however, because in some instances, the individual chooses a particular design simply because he or she likes the way it looks in its entirety.  And, no matter what they symbolize or reflect, if anything, angelic art is also appealing to look at.

Memorial Tattoo Art

For some individuals, an angel tattoo is a memorial to a relative or friend that they’ve lost.  People who’ve lost a loved one prematurely often choose to get an angel wing tattoo as a permanent reminder of that special someone whom they loved so much and will remember always.  Angel tattoos that serve as memorials are some of the most popular designs chosen by men in particular because they symbolize an individual they loved rather than some kind of mythical being or idea.

Tattoos of Fallen Angels

Angel tattoo designs can also be quite sinister.  According to some religious texts, the devil himself was once a great angel who was cast out of heaven for challenging God. Needless to say, fallen angel tattoos can be quite popular for those who have an “innocent” look but behave rather badly or naughty behind closed doors.  An individual who chooses this type of design usually has at least one dirty little secret or bad habit that he or she would not like others to know about.  Thus, there are numerous fallen angel designs for people to choose from.

All in all, angels can represent purity and innocence, memories of lost loved ones, and even somewhat “sinister” behavior.  There is a lot to choose from, and what is chosen is based on personal preferences of each individual who wishes to get an angel tattoo design on his or her body.


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